What are hand tufted carpets?


Ever heard of hand tufted carpets? What kind of carpets are they? How do they differ from the other carpets? And what does tufted really mean? Read on.

Hand tufted carpets are created using the technique called tufting and not from knotting. It came from the word tuft, which is originally a term for strips of cloths or yarns that are glued together to any backing material.

Tufting is an ancient method of creating carpets, rugs and garments. It is a type of weaving technique where strips of cloths, threads or even yarns are pushed through a base then glued together for a strong hold. Tufting makes use of a tool called ‘tufting gun’ to make the process easier than knitting each tuft. This tool holds the material in place and then pushes through the backing material.

Hand tufted carpets are very durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, thus allowing it to last for a very long time.

Unlike knotted carpets, tufted carpets are easier and less time consuming to make and therefore are sold at lower costs. But, take note that tufting still requires hard work and accuracy in order to create an intricate and beautifully designed carpet.