Curtain Design


Window treatments are the essential part of your home styling and can change the look of any room through fabric selection, accessories and other trimmings and detail. As well as the various styles of window drapes, there are several headings to choose from enhancing the final look.


Pinch pleated and specially sewn to hold the pleat, these can be hung either with a ring on a beautiful rod or by using drapery hooks attached to traverse rods.

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Similar in appearance to a valance, this design adds a touch of class and elegance to curtains.  Here the material hangs down in one or more semi-circular swag patterns.  Usually this material is the same as the curtain.

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These custom window treatments offer sleek and modern styling.  With these curtains, wood, plastic, or metal grommets are inserted in the curtains near the top through which a wood, metal, or plastic fashionable rod is inserted.  Rods come in many styles from traditional to Asian and more.

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These are a really nice change from traditional pleated curtains.  With these, loops or straps extend above the main body of the curtain.  A rod is then passed through the loops.  Opening and closing is done manually.

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Balloon curtains look amazing with ruffles or lush design at the bottom. You can enrich these window treatment designs by contrasting colors, decorative tassels, fringes and cords. Playful ruffles set cheerful and festive mood in living rooms and kitchens, and add a romantic feel to bedroom decorating ideas.

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Rod Pocket curtains are a wonderful look for any style décor in your home. This style curtain is also called a tailored curtain, for its tailored straight look. These window treatment designs usually have a header above the pocket for added custom appeal, and they can also be hung with clip rings to achieve a more casual or contemporary look.

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Bali Curtain

Bali or String curtains are a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in any corner of your home.  Typically, they are made of silk polyester yarn and resist tangling.  They can be sparkling, non-sparkling, wrinkled yarn, or gold & silver metallic in appearance.

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